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    We are a GLOBAL team of professionals that deal on digital asset exchange and trading.
    We are set to bring a new financial revolution through our E-Currency (BVD)... JOIN THE REVOLUTION!
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    The best services for your Investment needs
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    Bit4value sets the pace as they launch out the quickest e-currency exchange platform.
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    We offer the easiest investment strategy with long term vision. We are here to stay, join the moving train as we journey to the destination of billionaires in the shortest time possible...
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    Stability is our watch word, It strengthens our customer relationship.
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    We are 1 family, 1community... we love what we do and we have decided to help...
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    About Us

    Bit4value is a UK based investment company that comprises of professionals who served many years in different companies as financiers and managers, and made their respective companies profitable using their expertise.In 2016 we decided to create a team of experts who have much knowledge and experience of working and trading on crypto-currency exchange, trade and e-commerce partnering with trusted bitcoin mining companies.

    We can manage your finance

    Our team consists of professionals who provide clients and partners with confidence and only best consulting and financial
    services. Join our company and use a great chance to conquer the trading market and be the one of those who are eager to
    lead and innovate in the financial industry

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    ROOKIE TRADER (3 Months)

    Total profit

    Minimum deposit: $100
    Maximum deposit: $1000

    Total Profit

    Minimum deposit: $1000
    Maximum deposit: $10000
    PRO TRADER(1 Year)

    Total profit

    Minimum deposit: $10000
    Maximum deposit: $20000
    Referral System

    Get cumulative referral commission starting from 2% (when you have 2 referrals) up to 10% (from 50 referrals and above) down to 4 generations.

    Our referral system is a proven success and ensures you get a lifetime residual income.

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    Jun-25-2017 09:30:34 AM   IMPORTANT UPDATE

    must read... way forward

    May-31-2017 01:07:33 AM   NEWS DIGEST

    Very important news update

    May-26-2017 03:48:35 AM   25th Batch Payouts continues

    BVD exchange for the payment schedule dated 25th continues till 30th...

    May-15-2017 08:22:12 AM   NEWS UPDATE

    very important

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